Medical translation

With Urgent Vertalen all our clients benefit from a highly competitive price and guaranteed quality, even if a medical translation is needed urgently.

Why have your medical documents translated by Urgent Vertalen?

Urgent translation with no urgency surcharge

We can usually deliver a (certified) translation within 24 hours, with no “urgency surcharge”.

Qualified native speaker translators

Our translations are performed by qualified translators who are native speakers of the target language.

Save 36.8% on average

Feel free to compare our quotation with one from another translation bureau, and draw your own conclusions.

100% satisfaction guarantee

All our translations benefit from our 100% satisfaction guarantee

Your medical documents are in safe hands with us

All our translation assignments are subject to a strict code of confidentiality. You can have such things as your medical dossiers, reports on clinical trials, results of investigations and diagnostic reports translated by Urgent Vertalen in full confidence.

We refer you to our privacy statement and General terms and conditions.

If necessary we are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement of your drafting, with regard to your medical translations.

Always professional medical native-speaker translators

Urgent Vertalen works with specialised highly educated medical (certified) translators, who are also native speakers of the target language. These professionals possess extensive (work) experience within the field of medicine.

It is very important for the medical translator to be familiar with many different medical terms. Our medical translators are obliged to attend various courses each year in order to ensure that they keep abreast of changes.

Errors in medical translations can have serious consequences and are not tolerated. Every translation performed by Urgent Vertalen is subject to our unique 100% quality guarantee.

A sworn translation of your medical documents

You can have your medical documents, such as a consent form, medical reports, a contract, research results or other medical patient information translated in the form of a sworn translation by the Hague’s leading medical translation bureau.

It is advisable to find out beforehand whether you actually need a cersworn ified translation. If you are going to use the medical documents with for example a hospital, municipality or a school, then a sworn translation is often required.

Any sworn medical translations that are performed for you by Urgent Vertalen are accompanied by a declaration, the required signature and seal of the sworn translator. The source document is also attached to the sworn translation of the document. Together this then forms an officially recognised translation within the Netherlands.

Having your medical translation legalised

The sworn translations that Urgent Vertalen performs are always officially recognised translations within the Netherlands. If you need your translation for use outside the Netherlands it is quite likely that you will need to have the sworn translation legalised.

If the country that you need the translation for is a signatory to the so-called apostille convention an apostille needs to be affixed to the sworn translation.

You can obtain the apostille yourself or you can leave this to the Hague’s leading translation bureau. We have provided this service to many private individuals and businesses before you. The apostille is affixed to the certified translation by the central office of the Court.

If you need your sworn translation in a country where the apostille convention does not apply then you need to have the document legalised at the Consulate. For more information about legalization of your translation, see our webpage ”apostille and legalization”.

Do you have any questions about the translation and legalization of your documents? Feel free to contact us.

Urgent Vertalen performs a large number of translations on a daily basis for clients including major international businesses, small businesses and private individuals.

A regular translation of your documents

The Hague’s leading medical translation bureau regularly performs regular non-sworn translations of medical texts or documents such as translations of a website, scientific articles, product descriptions, information brochures or handbooks for medical apparatus to the complete satisfaction of a range of clients including International pharmaceuticals, hospitals and clinics. It is extremely important that these texts and/or documents are consistent and are translated completely accurately.

By only using professional native speaker translators with extensive knowledge and experience in the medical world and a passion for languages Urgent Vertalen is able to count on always delivering a perfect translation.

A medical translation always at a competitive price

If you need a non-sworn medical translation of for example a leaflet for a medicine, information brochures, medical protocols or a website, you can always count on highly competitive, transparent tariffs.

We don’t just perform medical translations for a highly competitive price. We also apply our unique 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that you will always be satisfied with your medical translation.