Technical translation

The Hague’s leading technical translation bureau performs one or more technical translations on a daily basis for its existing and new clients, which include major international businesses, a range of organisations and small to medium businesses. With Urgent Vertalen everyone benefits from our highly competitive tariffs and guaranteed quality, also for technical translations which are needed urgently. You are assured of a good quality technical translation, for example of a handbook, work description, product specification or software translation because all our native speaker translators possess extensive expertise and work experience in the technical branch. The combination of being a translation graduate with a passion for languages as well as technology represents the unique ingredients for perfect technical translation.

Respecting the confidentiality of your technical documents

With The Hague’s leading technical translation bureau every translation assignment is subject to a strict confidentiality code. A wide range of businesses from, among others, the aviation, cooling, mechanical engineering, metalwork, waste management, chemicals, transport and logistics, installation technology and engineering sectors entrust us with their extremely personal and confidential documents and texts. Please refer to our privacy statement and general terms and conditions. If required we are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement of your drafting, for your technical translation.

Always professional technical native-speaker translators

The Hague’s leading technical translation bureau has an extensive network of qualified technical specialists who are also native speakers of the target language. Because every translator is a native speaker they know their home countries’ habits and terminology. The translators have also gained years of experience in, among others, shipping and aviation, agriculture, horticulture and forestry, transport and logistics and the chemicals industry. Partly because of these strengths we can always deliver a perfect technical translation to each client, quickly.

Why have your technical translation performed by Urgent Vertalen?

  1. An urgent translation of your technical documents at no extra cost
  2. Always competitive tariffs
  3. Guaranteed quality, thanks to our unique 100% satisfaction guarantee
  4. All language combinations possible
  5. Native-speaker translators

A technical translation at a competitive price

If you need a regular (unsworn) technical translation, for example of your technical reports, procedures or construction drawings, you can always count on competitive, clear tariffs. Urgent Vertalen offers you the opportunity of calculating for yourself the cost of an unsworn technical translation via our webpage: “Tariffs”. Naturally it is also possible that you may need a sworn translation, for example of extracts from the trade register, your memorandum and articles of association, or patents, in connection with international ambitions. For a sworn translation The Hague’s leading translation bureau will offer you a quotation, free of obligation, on the basis of the time that it will take the translator to perform your sworn translation. Given that these documents are not universal, we believe it is only fair that you should pay for the size of your own documents, and not on the basis of a price per page. After all you do not wish to pay more than necessary, do you? But we do not only perform technical translations at a competitive tariff; we also offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction, meaning that you will always be more than satisfied with your technical translation. A technical translation is quick and easy to arrange with The Hague’s leading technical translation bureau.

An urgent technical translation, with no "urgency surcharge”

Do you need an urgent translation, for example of your product brochures, advertisement or audit report? Many translation bureaus charge an urgency surcharge in order to perform a technical translation faster than normal. Urgent Vertalen does not charge any “urgency surcharge”. With us you can always count on highly competitive pricing and a fast turnaround of every translation. So if you need an urgent translation of a technical text, do not hesitate for a moment but contact us as soon as possible.

A technical translation into any language

We do not just perform technical translations, for example of a website, advertisement, brochure, leaflet, detailed quotation or subtitling of a corporate film, into the standard languages such as English, German, Italian or French. We also perform a lot of technical translations using other languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Polish and Russian. And we perform sworn translations in all possible language combinations. With Urgent Vertalen technical translations are performed by one of our technical specialists, who is also a native speaker of the required target language.

Not just a technical translation bureau

As a technology company you can also come to The Hague’s leading technical translation bureau for non-technical translations. These include such items as accident reports, employment contracts and commercial contracts in a variety of language combinations. Our native speaker translators who possess both a translation qualification and extensive experience within their own financial, legal or maybe medical profession, are at your service.

Obtain a quotation, free of obligation, from The Hague's leading technical translation bureau

Once your technical translation has been completed by Urgent Vertalen you will receive the translation via email as a Word document. This means that you can easily adjust your texts or their layout. If you would like to receive a quotation, free of obligation, for a certified translation of an official document, then please send us an easily readable and unamended scan of the official document.