Translating a CV? Choose Urgent Vertalen

Would you like to have your CV translated, because you are planning to work or follow an internship abroad? First impressions are vitally important in the job application process. And this begins on paper with your application letter and CV. Having your CV and application letter translated professionally is an extremely important factor which can lead to you being invited for a personal interview. So it is very important that your letter and work experience should be translated reliably and satisfactorily. Having your CV translated in perfect quality is quick and easy to arrange with Urgent Vertalen.

When it comes to translating a CV we are extremely fastidious. We understand that your career may depend on this, and that no faults can be permitted. A CV contains all sorts of terms and information, including: summaries of various periods of time, education, work experience, internships and courses, whether completed or not. We often see that people have attempted to translate their own CV using a translation program on the Internet. These are generally full of mistakes, purely because each land has its own names for things such as: secondary schools, school examinations, professional qualifications and university/postgraduate qualifications. Urgent Vertalen has a large  network of qualified native speaker translators, with extensive experience. And each translator has their own professional specialisation. So your professional terminology is no problem at all for us. Whether you come from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Leiden or Groningen our translation bureau in The Hague is the right place to come to for all your translations, from legal documents to a CV.

Why have your CV translated by Urgent Vertalen?

  1. An urgent translation of your CV, at extra cost
  2. Always highly competitive tariffs
  3. Guaranteed quality, thanks to our unique 100% satisfaction guarantee
  4. All language combinations are possible
  5. Native-speaker translators

Translating your CV for a highly competitive price

Would you like to have your CV translated by a native speaker translator at a highly competitive tariff but without making any sacrifice on quality? We are open and honest. So we offer you the option of receiving an indication of the cost of an uncertified translation of your CV. You will find this on our webpage: “Tariffs”.

An urgent translation of your CV without “urgency surcharge”

You need your CV translating urgently. Many translation agencies charge an urgency surcharge for translating CVs faster than normal. Urgent Vertalen does not do this. With our translation bureau you can always count on highly competitive prices, perfect quality and rapid delivery of every translation. Do you need your CV translating urgently? Then don’t hesitate, but contact us as soon as possible.

Your CV can be translated in any language combination

With Urgent Vertalen you can have your CV translated into any language you wish. Each day we translate CVs into languages such as Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian, French and German. Naturally it is also possible to have your CV translated into or from one of the many non-European languages, such as Japanese, Arabic, Indonesian etc. Our professional project leaders always select a native speaker translator to translate your CV. We deliver your translated CV by email as a Word document, so that you can always easily add extra texts. Have your CV translated today by The Hague’s leading translation bureau.

Urgent Vertalen is keen to talk with you about all your translation needs

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If not then it is a good idea to create one as soon as possible. If so, then it is sensible to have it translated, just in case. These days potential employers like to take a look at your LinkedIn profile, to see who they are dealing with. If your potential employer is unable to read your profile in his or her own language this may come across as disappointing. Be prepared, and have your profile translated professionally by The Hague’s leading translation bureau. Besides translating your CV, you can come to us for all sorts of translations, for example: a diploma or list of grades, contract, job application letter, or a Declaration of Good Conduct.

Obtain a quotation from Urgent Vertalen free of obligation

You can easily request a quotation without obligation via the quotation button, or by sending an email to:

We look forward to receiving your CV. All formats are welcome. Please also state your name, telephone number and the language which you would like to have your CV translated into. Naturally we will then contact you as soon as possible. Translating your CV is quick and easy to arrange with the Hague’s leading translation bureau. If you have any remaining questions about having your CV translated, then please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you