Urgent translation – Your translation delivered urgently

If you need an urgent translation, for example of a text or official documents, then with Urgent Vertalen you have come to the right address.
In the case of an urgent translation we understand that you would like to see your text or official document translated ‘sooner rather than later’. Our name, Urgent Vertalen, literally stands for: important and urgent. Not forgetting quality and flexibility, of course.

Why use Urgent Vertalen for your translation?

No urgency surcharge

We can often deliver a (certified) translation to you within 24 hours, with no “urgency surcharge”.

Save 36.8% on average

Feel free to compare our proposal with another translation agency’s, and draw your own conclusion.

Qualified native speaker translators

Our translations are performed by qualified native speaker translators of the target language.

100% satisfaction guarantee

With every translation you benefit from our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We will work through the weekend to meet your deadline

For our translators it is perfectly normal to work through the weekend if it is necessary to meet your deadline.

Quality comes first; also for urgent translations

When it comes to quality, our translation bureau has assembled an extensive professional network of both certified and uncertified native speaker translators, over the years.

All of our translators are qualified to bachelor level or higher. Because languages never stand still, our urgent translators follow various courses each year in order to keep abreast of the latest developments in language.

Always an urgent translation, at no extra cost…

We always guarantee 100% quality with all of our translations, whether certified or not, and this is also true in the case of an urgent translation. Our aim is to deliver an urgent translation to you without any loss of quality, and with no so-called extra “urgency surcharge”.

Performing an urgent translation is all in a day's work for us

We perform urgent translations on a daily basis to the complete satisfaction of a wide range of clients. This applies to both certified and uncertified translations. It often happens that a business unexpectedly gets a “green light”, for example to start a project abroad. This may mean that a variety of official documents, such as the memorandum and articles of association, extract from the trade register and merger documents need to be translated urgently. Naturally you can also come to us for a regular (uncertified) urgent translation, for example of your press release, website, presentation or brochure.

Confidential documents translated urgently

We have often experienced the situation where a translation needs to be performed urgently, before a product or service is even on the market. We understand better than anyone else that this can represent an awkward decision for you. We are willing to enter into a confidentiality agreement with you, of your drafting. With or without a separate confidentiality agreement you can always have complete confidence in The Hague’s leading translation bureau.

Translated urgently, at no extra cost

No good, money back guarantee

36.8% cheaper than other translation bureaus

All language combinations possible

Native speaker translators

A scan or photo of your document is sufficient

An urgent certified translation

If you need a certified translation of your documents we will offer you a quotation, free of obligation, based on the time it will take the translator to translate your documents. Given that official documents are not universal, we believe it is only fair that you should pay on the basis of the size of your own document and not based on an “average size”.

An urgent translation of your documents, with no "urgency surcharge"

You need your text or official document translating urgently. Many translation bureaus charge an urgency surcharge for translating a text or official document faster than normal. Urgent Vertalen is different. With us you can always count on highly competitive tariffs, perfect quality and rapid delivery of every translation.

So if you need your text or official document translating urgently, do not hesitate but contact us. You can always compare our quotation with other translation bureaus afterwards.

An urgent translation into any language is possible

Urgent Vertalen performs urgent translations into a range of different languages on a daily basis. For instance we can translate texts and official documents from Dutch into English, German, French or Spanish. But naturally we also perform urgent translations involving non-European languages, for example Chinese, Arabic or Japanese.

Urgent Vertalen is keen to share ideas with you