Legal translation

The Hague’s leading translation bureau performs legal translations on a daily basis to the complete satisfaction of various regular clients such as firms of Advocates and Notaries, government bodies and international businesses. Whether you as an existing or a new client need a legal translation urgently or over a longer period of time, a legal translation of for example your deeds, general terms and conditions, contracts, extracts from the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce and/or your memorandum and articles of association is quickly and simply arranged with Urgent Vertalen. We perform these translation with guaranteed quality, using one of our professional legally qualified native-speaker translators, for a competitive price.

Reliable in handling legal documents

Every translation assignment performed by The Hague’s leading translation bureau is subject to a strict code of confidentiality. You can have your written pleadings, judgements, rulings, summonses or powers of attorney translated by Urgent Vertalen in complete confidence. We refer you to our privacy statement and general terms and conditions. If necessary we are prepared to enter into a confidentiality agreement with you, of your drafting.

Professional (sworn) legal native-speaker translators

Urgent Vertalen works with specialised highly educated legal (sworn) translators, who are also native speakers of the target language. These professionals possess extensive (work) experience within the legal field. Every country has its own legal systems. It is therefore very important for the legal translator to be familiar with many different legal terms. Our legal translators are obliged to attend various courses each year in order to ensure that they keep abreast of changes. Errors in legal translations can have serious consequences and are not tolerated. Every translation performed by Urgent Vertalen is subject to our unique 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

Why have your legal translation performed by Urgent Vertalen?

  1. An urgent translation of your legal documents at no extra cost
  2. Always highly competitive tariffs
  3. Guaranteed quality thanks to our unique 100% satisfaction guarantee
  4. All language combinations possible
  5. Native-speaker translators

A sworn legal translation is possible

You can come to The Hague’s leading translation bureau for a sworn translation of your legal documents. It is advisable to find out beforehand whether you need a non-sworn or sworn translation. If you are intending to use the legal documents with for example a government body, municipality or school it is likely that a sworn translation will be required. All sworn legal translations, such as a diploma and list of grades, a birth certificate or residence permit, are accompanied by a declaration, the required signature, and the seal of the sworn translator. The source document is also attached to the sworn translation. The sworn legal translation then becomes an officially recognised translation within the Netherlands. You will find more information about sworn translations on our webpage: “sworn translation”. Do you have any questions about a sworn translation? Feel free to contact us.

Having your legal translation legalised

The sworn translations that Urgent Vertalen prepares are always officially recognised translations within the Netherlands. If you need your translation for use outside the Netherlands it is probably necessary for you to legalise your sworn translation. If the country that you need your translation for is a signatory to the so-called apostille convention an apostille will need to be affixed to it. You can obtain an apostille yourself or you can allow The Hague’s leading translation bureau to do it for you. We have performed this service for many private individuals and businesses before you. The apostille is affixed to the certified translation by the Central office of the Court. If you need your sworn translation in a country where the apostille convention does not apply then you will need to have your documents legalised at the Consulate. For more information about legalising your translation, visit our webpage ”apostille and legalization”. Do you have any questions about legalising your documents? Then feel free to contact us. Our project leaders will be pleased to be of assistance.

Always a highly competitive price for your legal translation

If you need a sworn legal translation, for example of your patents, your will or your licences, we will offer you a quotation free of obligation, based on the time it will take the translator to perform the sworn legal translation. Given that these documents are not universal we believe it is only fair that you should pay for the size of your own legal documents, and not based on a price per page. After all you do not wish to pay more than necessary, do you? It is also possible of course that you do not need a sworn legal translation, for example of your general terms and conditions, privacy policy or house rules. Urgent Vertalen is open and transparent. And we have full confidence in our highly competitive pricing. So we offer you the opportunity of calculating the cost of performing a non-sworn legal translation of your documents on our webpage “tariffs”. We do not only offer a highly competitive price for our legal translations. We also offer a unique 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that you will always be more than satisfied with your legal translation. The Hague’s leading translation bureau will always perform a perfect translation for you at a highly competitive price.

An urgent legal translation with no “urgency surcharge”

Do you need an urgent legal translation? Many translation bureaus charge an urgency surcharge for performing a legal translation faster than normal. Urgent Vertalen does not charge any “urgency surcharge”. Here you can always count on highly competitive pricing, perfect quality and rapid delivery of every translation. So do you need a legal translation performed urgently? Then do not hesitate any longer, but contact us as soon as possible.

A legal translation into any language is possible

The Hague’s leading translation bureau performs translations of all sorts of legal documents into a variety of languages on a daily basis. For example we translate legal texts and official documents from Dutch into English, German, French or Spanish. Naturally we also perform legal translations involving non-European language combinations, such as for example Chinese, Arabic or Japanese. We have a specialist ready and waiting to be of assistance to you for every language. Each legal translation is carefully translated by an experienced legal translator who is also a native speaker of the desired target language. Urgent Vertalen can perform legal translations, whether certified or otherwise, into or from any desired language.

A quotation, free of obligation, from Urgent Vertalen

Would you like to receive a quotation, free of obligation, for a certified translation of your document? Then please send us an easily readable and unamended scan of the official document. Should you not have access to a scanner then you can also photograph the document. Don’t forget to tell us your name, telephone number and which language you want the text or document translated into. Naturally we will then contact you as soon as possible to offer you a quotation, free of obligation.