Translating a brochure

Your brochure is often the best way to present your business successfully “offline”. A brochure with a good layout, attractive pictures and suitable texts is an excellent business presentation. You want to tie in your potential customers, for example at a trade fair. Within your branch there are probably a large number of potential customers of foreign origin, who do not speak your language and cannot read your brochure. A missed opportunity.

Make an impression on your potential customers

Distinguish yourself from the competition: inform your potential customer in his/her own language.
You don’t need to be able to speak the language properly yourself, in order to provide your customer with the necessary information correctly. If you wish to make a good first impression, you need to have your brochure translated. Would your potential customer like to receive a quotation from you? Then you can also arrange for the quotation to be made in your customer’s own language.

A small investment pays itself back very quickly

Translating your brochure does not need to be expensive; Urgent Vertalen, The Hague’s leading translation bureau, is proof of this. It is quite likely that bringing in just one order will repay your small investment many times over. Many satisfied clients have reported this type of positive experience to us in their feedback. Would you like to be next?

Translating your brochure is quick and easy to arrange

All we need from you is a digital copy of your brochure. We have handy software which enables us to extract the existing text from your brochure and replace it with the translation. This means that you don’t end up having to puzzle over where the various pieces of text need to be inserted. Although we try to preserve your layout as far as possible, unfortunately we cannot 100% guarantee that the layout of the translation is fully correct for publication. Because this depends on how suitable your document is for editing. As soon as you send us your brochure we will check how successfully it can be edited. We will then tell you how we will be able to deliver the translation to you. This means you will not be confronted with any surprises after the event, and you can plan in some time for applying the “finishing touch”.

Expand your target group; enquire about your translation now

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