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Are you looking for a Turkish/Dutch translator? A translator who can translate your Turkish documents into Dutch? Combining quality and a highly competitive price? Also if you need your translation urgently?

Then with The Hague's leading Turkish language translation bureau you have come to the right place. Because Urgent Vertalen offers you this possibility.

Would you like your document translated quickly and economically?

No urgency surcharge

We can often deliver a (sworn) translation to you within 24 hours, with no “urgency surcharge”.

Save 36.8% on average

Feel free to compare our proposal with another translation agency’s, and draw your own conclusion.

Qualified native speaker translators

Our translations are performed by qualified native speaker translators of the target language.

100% satisfaction guarantee

With every translation you benefit from our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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A sworn Turkish language translator is ready and waiting for you

Turkish is the official language of Turkey and is also widely spoken in the Netherlands. Unfortunately official bodies, such as the municipalities and the immigration service, do not accept official documents which are written in Turkish. For this reason a sworn Dutch translation of the relevant document is virtually always required.

A sworn translation in 3 steps

You send us a scan of your documents via email
Just sending a scan or photo of your documents is sufficient. We will then send you a quotation for the sworn translation of your documents.

The translation is performed for you without delay
The translation bears the stamp, signature and declaration of the sworn translator; a copy of your documents is then attached to the translation. Your translation is performed in accordance with the guidelines for sworn translation.

Translation delivered to you before 10.00 the following work day
Free delivery by regular mail + a digital copy via email. If you wish to be certain that your translation will arrive the following work day, opt for express delivery at a slightly higher price.

Legalization of your Turkish translation

It can happen that your sworn Turkish translation will also need to be legalised for the country where you wish to use it. We have set out what is needed for a legalization on a country by country basis.

Urgent Vertalen’s legalization service

Translation bureau Urgent Vertalen offers the service of having your sworn translation legalised. Our translation bureau is situated at a strategic location in The Hague, between all the bodies that have to be visited for your legalization. This means that we are able to perform the entire legalization for you at a low price.

Why choose Urgent Vertalen’s legalization service?

  • You save time and effort.
  • You don’t need to take a day off work to visit the various official bodies.
  • You don’t need to keep driving back to The Hague, so you save on travel costs.
  • Urgent Vertalen is an expert in the legalization of your documentation and is always up to speed on the latest rules relating to legalization. This means you won’t be confronted by any nasty surprises when you visit the various bodies involved.
  • Once your sworn translation is finished we can start the whole legalization process immediately, meaning that the legalization will be completed sooner.
  • The documentation will be sent to you in traceable form. This way you will know precisely when you can expect to receive your legalised documents.

A regular translation into or from Turkish

Naturally translations into or from Turkish do not always need to be sworn translations; it may be that you want something translated into or from Turkish for yourself. This might be for example a website, blog, leaflet, or even a love letter. We only work with qualified native speaker Turkish translators, who look forward to being of service to you.

A fast Turkish translation

The name says it all: Turkish language translation bureau Urgent vertalen. Because we perform Turkish translations on a daily basis, whether sworn or regular, we have an extensive team of Turkish translators at your service.

Because our team of Turkish translators is so large and diverse we can perform your Turkish translation fast, at a highly competitive price.

Turkish translation bureau with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Because we select the Turkish translator carefully on the basis of your document you are assured of a completely accurate translation. Given that we fully guarantee the accuracy of our translation we are also prepared to accept the consequences if your Turkish translation should not be correct.

If you are not satisfied with your Turkish translation then we will simply refund your money!

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The Turkish language

Turkish is the official language of Turkey.
Turkish falls within the family of “Turkish languages”. The Turkish languages are a closely related family of languages spoken in 35 countries among Turkish races from Eastern Europe to central China and the Arctic Ocean in north-east Asia. Turkish is the mother tongue of approximately 220 million people, of whom circa 40% are Turks from Turkey, some 81 million people. Turkish is also used as a lingua franca.

The Turkish languages are regarded as dialects, because they are all very similar and are mutually understandable to a large extent.

The origins of the Turkish language

Turkish originates from the Mongolian steppes, where it was spoken by nomads. They are the people who brought the language with them to Turkey.

Turkish: The official language in Turkey, Cyprus and municipalities in Macedonia

Turkish is the only official language in Turkey, where it is spoken by 90% of the population. Turkish is also the official language of Northern Cyprus and of a number of municipalities in Macedonia. Besides this the language is spoken outside Turkey by minorities in countries of the Balkan and the Caucasus such as Iraq, Greece, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Syria, Romania, Moldavia and Azerbaijan. Turkish is also spoken by immigrants in other countries. That is why you frequently hear Turkish being spoken in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. There are many dialects within the Turkish language.

The “Türk alfabesi”

The Turkish (Latin) alphabet, “het Turk alfabesi”, comprises 29 characters. The letters Q, W and X are not used in Turkish. However the W is used on the internet.

And the Turkish alphabet is different from the Dutch alphabet, because it is supplemented with the letters Ç, G, Î, Ö, Ü and S.

The Türk alfabesi was introduced in 1928 during the Kemalist reforms. Prior to this the Arabic alphabet was used. The old written language which made use of the Arabic alphabet is known as Ottoman (Turkish: Osmanlica).

Language reforms

Nowadays Turkish is spoken without the Ottoman influences of Arabic and Persian loan words. Refinement of the language has meant that the differences between Turkish and Ottoman have become greater, and this is not limited to the written language. Today’s vocabulary and written language match the spoken language closely, following a number of language reforms which accompanied violent regime changes.